About Whitley County RSD

The Whitley County Regional Sewer District (Whitley RSD) provides municipalities and other agencies in Whitley County effective and affordable methods for improving public health and environmental stewardship for individual homeowners. These methods can also contribute to opportunities for community growth and economic development.

The Whitley County Commissioners partnered with BCS Management, Inc. and The Secant Group, LLC in January 2017 to organize the development, deployment, and community outreach of this new municipality. BCS Management, Inc., currently manages the new projects development process and provides operations support for other Indiana Municipalities.

Board of Trustees
Lana Beregszazi

Chair of the Whitley County Water and Regional Sewer District Review and Consulting Board

Chad Nix

President – Appointed by Whitley County Council

Todd Nichols

Vice President – Appointed by Whitley County Commissioners

Randy Cokl

Secretary – Appointed by executive of South Whitley

Don Amber

Treasurer – Appointed by Whitley County Commissioners

Mark Pepple

Appointed by executive of Churubusco

Walt Crowder

Appointed by executive of Columbia City

Brooks Langeloh

Appointed by Whitley County Commissioners

Matthew Shipman


Ted Nitza