South Churubusco

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South Churubusco

Project Overview

Project Status:

Engineering Design in Process

Project Summary:

The neighborhoods south of the town limits of Churubusco are located in the unincorporated Whitley County (Smith Township) adjacent to the corporate limits of Churubusco along United States Route 33 (Route 33). The streets of Circle Drive, Carlin Courts, Orchard Lanes, County Road 375 (east and west of Route 33) and Commerce Drive are included. The nearest sewage treatment provider is the municipal utility of Churubusco, who has expressed a willingness to provide treatment services for this project.

Est. Number of Connections:


Construction Contractor:


Design Firm:

VS Enginering Inc.

Est. Total Project Cost:


Environmental Health Rating Report
Project Decision Matrix
Cost Feasibility Cost Rating Resident Survey Survey Rating Environmental Status
$12,228.00 2 49.3% 3 1
Matrix Key
Rating Per EDU Survey Results in Favor Environmental Status
1 $0 – $9,999 75-100% Surface Water and Ground Water Contamination, Issues, Cases.
2 $10,000 – $14,999 50-75% Ground Water Contamination Only
3 $15,000 – $19,999 45%-49% Surface Water Contamination Only
4 $20,000 – $24,999 10%-45% Local Benefit to Water Quality
5 $25,000+ 0%-10% No data/complaints; not a priority at this time.
Project Documents

Churubusco Post PIR Survey

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South Churubusco PIR January 15, 2018